My Domestic Dish about Garcinia Cambogia with green coffee bean

Alysia, wife, mother and wine-lover what she said about herself, writes a personal and really lovely blog. 


With her blog she delivers insight in her life with four kids and her experience with day-to-day products. In this way she tested the Garcinia Cambogia Extract from Gloryfeel and reports honestly and detailed.

 So she starts critically: "As some readers may know, I have written a garcinia cambogia review previously,and did not have the best luck with the product." But she gives the new product a new chance. "...and decided that it couldn’t hurt to add the weight loss supplement to my daily regiment".
Her focus was the green coffee bean: "Now, I’m sure you’ve probably seen the online buzz surrounding garcinia cambogia but I was more intrigued by the green coffee bean, which is a controversial, widely used ingredient that’s been marketed as a weight loss supplement since the early 2000s".
Fotolia_73506888_SShe doesn't change her lifestyle. Only Garcinia Cambogia, plenty of water and the Isagenix program brought the first results: "In less than two weeks I am down 9 1/2lbs! ". And this was only the beginning.

"I can genuinely say that this product is working for me, keeping me energized and feeling full." If you like to read all about her research and how she dropped almost 10lbs in two weeks:

At this point many thanks to Alysia for her time and her great review.