About us

Engineered In Germany - Produced In The US

Our goal is to make your life better with the best natural nutritional supplements.

Our products have been developed in Germany by the best Nutritional Experts. We in Germany do not stop before our products are 100% exactly right, not just slopped together!

We also constantly work with scientists, allowing us to combine the most efficient compounds, in order to ensure positive results! The products we offer provide a high standard to allow you constant energy in order to improve your health and fitness.

After we became market leader in Germany 2014, we expanded our activity all over Europe.
Then in 2015, we went abroad and entered the US market.

We decided to continue our concept in engineering the products in Germany but we produce locally to fullfill all GMP demands of a US customers.

Today, the desire to improve your health and fitness increases daily, however, it also is quickly forgotten.

Many factors, such as stress, irregular exercise, or unhealthy diets promote a bad nutritional intake.
Unfortunately, our body lacks many essential dietary ingredients needed for a strong and healthy physique. Amino acids, minerals, and other phytochemicals, stimulate our metabolism and provide our body with sufficient supplements. This way, we can establish a harmonization between our body and dietary intake, allowing us to quickly feel active once again!

Thus, our goal is to provide you with highly potent products you can treat your bodies with:

• Supplements with a natural ingredients.
• Organically based dietary supplements. 
• Suitable for everyone, to include vegetarians and vegans.
• "Made in USA" of course!